Time from order to delivery
Items ordered for the first time will be shipped in 4 to 6 weeks.
From second time order will be shipped within 4 weeks.
※ For Customer who want to customize Box and Sticker, it will need more preparation ( Details will be discussed )
Can I choose a bottle or cap?
You can freely choose the bottles and caps displayed on the site.
※ If there is a shortage of stock, it may take some time to arrange and we will inform to you from the beginning of the negotiation
What is the lowest lot?
We only accept the lowest quantity of 100 bottles
What will happen to the shipping cost?
The shipping cost is not included. You can refer this price list below:

North America ( American, Canada, Mexico ) 1㎏ 30usd /5kg 55usd/10kg 75usd
Australia 1kg 25usd /5kg 55usd /10kg 75usd
Russia Turkey UAE 1kg 60usd /5kg 140usd /10kg 200
UK France 1kg 45usd/5kg 105usd/10kg 130usd

Shipping company

Eyelash extensions Q&A

Minimum lot order
The minimum order is have to be from 300 pcs, each product at least 10pcs and have to be in unit of 10 ( 10, 20,30... ) please attached
Please complete the design and send to us in format. Data have to be in the latest version of AI ( Adobe Illustration )
Please send the specified curl table as data.

If not specified, our curls will be applied.
Eyelash box
Please choose from those images
Shipping time
We will estimate shipping time on each order.