• Eyelash Extensions

    The high quality Eyelash extensions are carefully, meticulously procedure in our factory with top standard of room condition including Temperature , Humidity by experienced workers.
    We calculated the sticking ability of tape strictly. It also can be customized all size Can choose your own design or sample original case.

  • Eyelash Glue

    Colabo Eyelash Glue passed all the strictly quality test and also Health guaranteed by Japanese government. All the material and manufacturing method are under the selection of our scientist with Japanese quality. Glue is not contain TOLUENE, the impact solvent to human body.
    All the product will be packaged and delivered from Japan


  • Eyelash Remover

    Signatured product of Colabo which has a big repercussion in Eyelash industry We do not use the strictly regulated narcotic component gamma-butyl lactone worldwide, and manufacture from safety propylene carbonate. You can customize your needed viscosity, colour, and smell.